Questions asked most frequently by our customers


What do I need to book time?

In order to book time at Le Gourmet Factory we have four basic requirements:


1. A valid ServSafe Food Manager's License


2. Proof of liability insurance (minimum coverage of $1 million) with Le Gourmet Factory listed as “additional insured.”


3. A signed operating (rental) agreement with Le Gourmet Factory


4. A $250 refundable security deposit. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover.


5. A $400 one time fee that covers management costs as well as set up fees.


How do I schedule time?

Once you have signed a rental agreement and have paid your $250 refundable deposit, we will give you your own secure login name, password and key.


Then each time you want to schedule one or more sessions, all you do is:


1.      Login to our website and click on Scheduling

2.      Select the time or times for your kitchen sessions

3.      Pay in advance for your time, using our secure online payment system

4.      Arrive at Le Gourmet Factory at your scheduled day and time and create cooking magic.


Hours are reserved on a first-reserved, first-served basis. If you need use of the kitchen for one-time or drop-in use, 24 hour notice is usually sufficient, if there is time available.


When do I pay for kitchen usage?

Payment is due prior to your use of the kitchen. If you are reserving multiple blocks of time for the month, your advance payment is needed to reserve those times. In the case of one-time or drop-in use, payment will be required prior to using the kitchen.


What if I don’t use all of my hours for the month?

Hours cannot be credited to the following month. We understand that it is hard to estimate how many hours you’ll need, but due to the nature of the business, it is extremely important that you try to estimate as accurately as possible, as hours cannot be credited to the following month. We’ll be happy to help you with your time estimates, and in the event that you do have extra hours, we’ll try our best to help you find other clients that need extra hours or are willing to trade.


What if I need to buy extra hours in a month?

If there is unreserved time available, additional hours can be purchased at any time.


Does each person clean up after themselves?

Yes. While we don’t expect you to wash the walls and clean the floor mats, you should leave the kitchen the way you’d like it to look when you come in. That basically means: wash your dishes, wipe down dirty surfaces, sweep, and mop.


Can I rent a kitchen full time?

We are willing to accommodate you.  Please call to make an appointment.


How do I go about getting a license?

A Food safety manager’s certificate or “license” can be obtained from  Input your zip code and all classes in the area will be listed.  Alternatively, you can call your local health department and see when they are conducting a course.


Do I bring my own equipment?

Le Gourmet Kitchens are fully equipped.  All you need to bring is all your ingredients and any special equipment you use.


Will I have any storage space?

Yes, every client has access to refrigerated storage space and dry good storage space. If needed, additional storage is available for a monthly fee.


Will I have any refrigeration space on a permanent basis?

Permanent refrigeration is available for a monthly fee based on size requirements.


Can I use the kitchen's address as my actual business address?

No. We recommend using the address where you accept your business mail.


What if I get a big order and do not have enough time to get it out during my regularly scheduled hours?

We’ll work with you. If possible let us know when you have a big order so we can try to accommodate your time/space needs.


Can I have my product picked up by Fed/Ex or UPS?

Yes, this can be arranged as long as you are present for the pickup.  You can have Fed/Ex or UPS pick up your orders


What if something breaks?

Contact us as soon as possible.


How long can I rent the kitchen for?

The kitchens are open 24/7 so as long as the time is available, you can rent as long as you want


Who is responsible for any health department requirements?

Le Gourmet Factory is responsible for keeping the facility up to date with all health codes and requirements. All tenants are responsible to obey local health codes and officials while at the facility.


How do I go about getting licensed?

A Food Safety Manager’s certificate or “license” can be obtained from Input your zip code and all classes in the area will be listed. Alternatively, you can call your local health department to learn when they are conducting a course.